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Certified accounting services.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We act as intermediaries in buying and selling companies.

Company Formation

Specialized team for business incorporation in Portugal.

Accounting services for businesses
Increased profitability and efficiency for your business.
Transparency, security, integrity, confidentiality, precision, results.

We provide accounting services for businesses with innovative, efficient, and tailored solutions, adding value to each client.

Teampartner has developed a client-oriented management model in which we analyze your business and its key challenges.

We have a specialized team in company formation, supporting foreign investors in the process of opening businesses in Portugal. Additionally, we act as intermediaries in the process of buying and selling companies, actively seeking interested parties to buy or sell your business, valuing your assets and protecting your interests confidentially.

Detalhe de escritório de contabilidade, com computadores e folhas de cálculo em primeiro plano
Advantages of working with TeamPartner
A multidisciplinary team providing integrated services with a focus on maximizing results.

Tailored service for your company

Turnkey services, allowing you to fully dedicate yourself to your business.

Bilingual communication

100% oral and written communication in Portuguese and English, including reports.

Digitization of documents

Digital transformation with environmental benefits and increased security.

Custom reports

Personalized reports tailored to the company’s requirements.

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