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Mergers and Acquisitions

Facilitators in company acquisition and sale

Buying and selling companies requires an environment of trust, transparency and professionalism.

Intermediation in the purchase and sale of companies plays a crucial role in the business market, connecting buyers and sellers in significant transactions. Teampartner facilitates the process, providing expertise and support at all stages, from initial assessment to closing the deal.

Detalhe de escritório de contabilidade, mostrando equipa confiante e profissional
Detalhe de escritório de contabilidade, com computadores e folhas de cálculo em primeiro plano

Selling a Company

We simplify the process of selling your company.
  • First non-binding meeting to understand your goals and Teampartner’s model
  • Signing of a business intermediary contract ensuring exclusivity and confidentiality
  • Information dossier: Compilation of confidential information and company teaser
  • Advertising, attraction, and selection of investors: Screening interested parties through appropriate tools for business acquisition
  • Investor access to company information: Signing of confidentiality agreements with interested parties for access to relevant information
  • Presentation of purchase proposal with buyer’s conditions
  • Meeting for proposal analysis
  • Purchase and sale agreement

Buying a company

Rely on TeamPartner to locate, evaluate, and broker the business you intend to invest in through simple steps.
  • Non-binding presentation meeting: We structure your market search focused and efficiently.
  • Contract signing to commit efforts towards acquiring the desired business.
  • Presentation of target company teasers without disclosing the company name or tax ID.
  • Negotiation process: Upon interest in a specific company, a confidentiality agreement is signed for access to all available information.
  • Financial audit of the company’s tax and accounting situation, assets, as well as labor relations and third-party relationships.
  • Preparation of acquisition proposal: We draft an offer proposal addressed to the current stakeholder of the company.
  • Purchase and sale agreement: The contract drafting is handled by the parties’ lawyers or a lawyer appointed by Teampartner.
Detalhe de escritório de contabilidade, com computadores e folhas de cálculo em primeiro plano
Detalhe de escritório de contabilidade, com computadores e folhas de cálculo em primeiro plano

Business broker

The Business Broker service at TeamPartner plays a crucial role in negotiating contract terms and favorable conditions, ensuring that both parties achieve their objectives. Additionally, it provides valuable insights into the market and trends, helping clients make informed decisions.

We increase visibility for the sale of your company to entrepreneurs who may be interested. Networking is conducted through specialized national and international channels, ensuring business exposure and filtering potential buyers.

Professional intermediation guarantees confidentiality of company identities and data, and enhances transaction efficiency, minimizing potential conflicts and obstacles. In summary, brokerage services are essential to making the process of buying and selling companies transparent, efficient, and successful.

Increased profitability and efficiency for your business.
Transparency, confidentiality, efficiency, and precision.

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